NIKI’s range of services spans the fields of IT, Engineering, and Consulting services. We aim the connection of European know-how with the Greek scientific workforce to provide innovative IT and applied engineering services and solutions. We place special emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of information systems and software development, industrial design, and computational simulation.

We constantly develop and upgrade the services we provide, participating in research projects in Greece and in the context of international collaborations. NIKI becomes an early adopter and user of new technologies and methods.

IT Solutions

AT NIKI we provide quality services in IT and communication systems development. We successfully implement scientific projects for the European automotive industry concerning requirements management, centralized or decentralized hosting, dynamic and real-time data management, visualization of product details, etc. We design sustainable and value-creating solutions to ensure the long-term success of our clients.


AT NIKI we develop products using the methods of Digital Design and Computer Simulation through the collaboration of interdisciplinary teams. Among others, these services include Industrial Design (CAD), Finite Element Modeling (FEM), and other services in the widely growing field of Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD) and Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis (MBA). In addition to using existing processes and software tools, NIKI works with clients and develops custom solutions that best serve their needs.


At NIKI, we provide consulting, support, and other specialized solutions in areas such as the development of corporate strategy and corporate communication, the management of corporate goals and customer relations, and business architecture in general. We have many years of experience in using modern cutting-edge tools and technologies. NIKI undertakes European applied and non-applied industrial research projects.