NIKI’s research department, which is staffed by highly qualified personnel, has implemented a number of innovative products in collaboration with research institutions in Greece and abroad. NIKI aims to develop innovative products and services for its customers, as well as expand into new markets. 

Our active research areas include the simulation and control of vehicle behavior, advanced driving assistance solutions, navigation, and active/passive safety systems, and the process of automatization and optimization of services for the automotive industry. They also include tools and technologies for 3D imaging, data visualization and rapid prototyping, the simulation and 3D modeling for pre-operative studies and bioengineering solutions, user-machine interfaces, simulation and measurement of ergonomics and functionality with cognitive modeling of human behavior, multi-tier systems management and knowledge processing for large volumes of heterogeneous data.  

The aim of this project is the design and development of innovative, automation software for the geometrical connection and meshing of 3D complex models. The proposed software will be based on commercial CAD and FEM software and it will simplify the assembly and model meshing process required to produce a Digital Mock-up (DMU) model for thermal analysis in the automotive industry.

MultiOpti (Development of an automated, parallel, industrial-strength, multi-disciplinary, multi-objective, design optimization platform) aims at the development and integration of an advanced optimization algorithm in an engineering software pipeline used in the design of industrial products.

The aim of Roadscanner II project is to develop a measurement apparatus that is capable of producing three-dimensional road surface maps of high accuracy and integrity using a combination of inertia, GNSS, and laser scanner instruments.

JiTMI is a Eureka/Eurostars project that led to the development of a combined Business to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) secure web platform for just-in-time rapid design, simulation, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of customized orthopedic implants. JiTMI enhances and speeds up the choice of design, production, and surgical insertion of a customized implant and guarantees an improved operation outcome.

SKELET project aims to improve, upgrade and support the processes of Orthopaedic Surgery by developing and promoting an integrated service for preoperative planning. This service includes two novel products: an innovative, modular hip endoprosthesis with conical studs (VACON™) and integrated pre-operative planning software for Total Hip Arthroplasty (GELENK™).

The aim of the Digital Mockup Competence Center (DMU) is to demonstrate, support, and implement an integrated digital product development methodology in selected industrial sectors in Greece and Europe. The establishment of the Center is related to the main lack of the domestic industry: the optimal planning of the introduction of new technologies and modern technological know-how. 

The aim of the present project is to bridge nanotechnology with construction technology to produce nano-modified cement-based materials and incorporate carbon-based inclusions into Portland cement in order to improve mechanical performance, reduce weight and offer multi-functionalities and intelligence.

EnDOS (Endoprothesis Design Optimization Service) is an internal research project aiming at the development of an online software platform for the design and optimization of individualized orthopedic implants.

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The objective of Simaris was to develop cutting-edge software that enables the creation of simulators. These simulators are designed to provide a rapid and interactive representation of industrial projects and processes incorporating photorealistic models to accurately depict functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.